The Dreamers is a set of five mixed media illustrations created around the idea of pursuing dreams. As usual, this idea started as a visual design concept. I started sketching figures like I normally do, then tried combining them with these cubist inspired halos. That approach evolved into these five images. The radiant qualities of these designs seemed to communicate the power of dreams: the way they shape our identities, elevate our abilities, bind us together, tear us apart, and give us hope to move forward. It occurred to me how much we need to dream, to find something greater than ourselves to live for. I drew each piece on gesso primed mat board, which shows pencil lines clearly while also providing an ideal surface for water based media. I used a limited palette of white, burnt sienna, prussian blue, and cerulean blue gouache; partly to challenge myself to do more with less, but also to unify these images. Each piece is finished with color pencil to help add a final bit of definition and some subtle flashes of color. Each piece available here as a limited edition signed and numbered 13”x18” archival digital print.
"The Impossible Made Possible"
"To Dream With You Is To Breathe With You"
"Embrace Of Tomorrow"
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